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The Role of the Youth

What does a Ugandan youth need?

Development as progress in terms of quality of human life is automatically desired by everyone. Even animals have a natural order of development which is threatened only by the ecologically aggressive and greedy man. It may have a long history of wealthy stature or striving for a higher social class.

For a nation—it requires patriotism, national character or identity, and citizenship—while individuals require work values, the skills necessary to drive and manage projects—and adventure at that.

A development oriented work culture always has a development background. In it, people are not only owners of satisfaction – without cheating anyone else, but also for the good of the society in which they live.

Countries like China have demonstrated such qualities on their way to becoming a global economic superpower. They have their country in mind and are proud to be Chinese. For ordinary Africans living in Uganda, greed is the rule when accepting positions of power or position.

As globalization pushes everyone away, greed for personal and professional goals has become a bold move – nothing to be ashamed of in the global village. Without realizing that people will do whatever it takes to achieve their myriad goals.

It is a system where, apart from providing an economic environment for global trends; Governments cannot have an active hand in our public welfare, but for them, to act only in faith, to overcome the dangerous effects of urbanization worldwide.

However, this kind of pressure has forced many to engage in dubious occupations such as bribery and the working class, and prostitution, theft, impersonation, and reckless behavior by the unemployed.

And for the new hire, life revolves around unplanned expenses, luxurious living, and compensating for lost glory over time, and celebrating the joys of money through sex parties—now he or she earns some money to fulfill all of them. Some behavior here can be reckless, especially if it is motivated by the desire to fulfill long-awaited dreams.

As Professor Ali Mazrui says, in his recent writings on Makerere University, globalization has overtaken institutions like this historic institution of higher learning (Makere University Kampala). Moreover, bureaucracy and the fear of even positive change are stumbling.

Most reforms may be for the good of the nation, but leaders and managers are insensitive to carry them out. Instead, they fearlessly act against their own country or people – showing a lack of social responsibility and acting unproductively towards those they serve.

As if planning is not a part of work and development, it (planning) is for formality, but it is never followed. People, on the contrary, prefer to follow their anti-people attitude, insensitivity and selfish interests.

And as might be expected under such circumstances, the kind of culture that has developed does not allow the government to prioritize key areas that need improvement; Health, research and education – overall. However, any development can be based on them.

Instead, the emphasis is on greed and how best to sustain the use of public funds. And no one says a word because of their shield positions. If so, with reservations that indicate inevitability and handled with care only wearing gloves. Above all, relentlessly eliminate any attempts to threaten the status quo.

Future leadership and managerial accountability revolves around hijacking the private achievements of community members and owning them as one’s own. Then, claims emerge during general elections by considering private developments as part of successful government programs. One can visit there, but with purely private affairs.

In the same general elections, citizens are tricked into thinking that they can be seriously enslaved by the ideology that power belongs to them. Slavery is favoring the leaders while victimizing the electorate.

This, indeed, shows the dishonesty and disrespect of politicians. This may partly explain why the number of voters going to the polling stations has dropped significantly. In the future, as has happened, more people will choose to live, eat and sleep with their families instead of wasting time on opportunists.

During the budget reading, everything is so politicized that Ugandans are not recognized as hard working and part of the statistics at the front. It may not just be the government, but Uganda, which can be praised for its famous growth figures.

In what could be a partnership, we see the government trying to stabilize the country in terms of peace, while citizens work for developmental success. It would be appropriate to call this a cooperation or social contract between the government and its people. That way, it would make sense.

However, there is talk that constituencies that send members of opposition political parties to Parliament are not developing. It has been used for some time as; Both campaign threats and announcements during general elections. Yet, to be sure, the political trend would not have been an indicator of development – it is an all-encompassing way in everyone’s life.

For Busoga, it is different. Despite giving the ruling regime nearly 100% in every presidential election, the annual growth figures did not benefit much. It should be noted that much of Busoga is remote and remote.

If one travels by private route, the vehicle can be garaged either way after returning to Kampala. Mayuga alone does not have asphalt roads as a district! Unfortunately or fortunately, people there (in Busoga) never want to bring up their problems as long as they chat, sleep and drink all day long.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the late Kyabazinga was part of the inactive leaders in Busoga-in to resolve Busoga’s economic problem. Actually, unlike his (Kyabazinga’s) counterpart in Mengo, the president was right to call him a kind of Jesus. And he was among the leaders President Museveni wanted. It could be that politicians who speak the truth about their constituents and speak on their behalf in Parliament have been de-tested by the government.

The reason was simple. Kyabazinga was selfless in his reign, able to fulfill the formal status of cultural king as agreed with the government, and less concerned with championing Busoga development views.

The government never seemed to want to be bothered by Busoga concerns, as there were many problems in the region and above all the failure to unite the Basoga. In doing so, the region suffered like an orphan. In fact, soon the “boys” – prominent politicians started fighting with each other. This greatly hampered the development possibilities of the area.

Being formal meant that traditional rulers had to remain passive, as did opposition political parties. The government did so; A person who hosts a guest, serves him or her food, and orders the guest not to eat. Isn’t it better to never host a visitor?

No wonder, many say he (Kyabazinga) sold out Busoga politically to the NRM, while abandoning it financially. And as one would notice, it had no effect on Basoga compared to Kabakka Mutebi’s regime in Buganda. Therefore, everyday business in Busoga, with or without kingship, would still have been normal.

As if to reinforce the above point, the royal occupation in Busoga was copied from the surrounding kingdoms of Uganda – especially Buganda which was then a local imperialist. Therefore, as the saying goes, Busoga could not fit into the shoes of states like Buganda.

Elsewhere in Uganda, various sectors have shown potential to develop with or without government support. This is evidenced in places like Kabalagala, Munyonyo, Ntinda and Nalaya. Any claim that this is a government responsibility, as Song, perhaps, owns such developments either by him or his officials, and all Ugandan investments – whether night or day are government planned and monitored.

Besides, there may be some truth – while the Chinese government has introduced a one-child policy, some policies in Uganda are fictionally liberal. Could this be the combination of success that is so famously talked about?

Could it be a question of lack of morals as children or an overwhelming desire for power or status that leads to political and economic fraud? The latter can make a lot of sense because one sees people dying after retirement or under pressure to perform well in office.

And it may be public knowledge that people are willing to do anything to keep their comfort zone. Do you always need to ask someone if you are interested in maintaining an honorable position and supreme position in the land?

Another question might be: Where is youth development? It is not enough to have special interest group representatives in parliament – because their role benefits themselves (the representatives).

In the current structure, the youth is understandably not accommodated and if at all, it is only during elections. But, being the most energetic force in society, they must be harnessed. If they are not cared for, they will succumb to drug abuse and criminal activities.

Under the circumstances, the youth will have to help themselves instead of waiting for the Christian government to intervene. It will call for action planning and participation in all channels for self-emancipation.

Now that 2011 is upon us, the youth should take the opportunity to challenge anyone for political office. Now is the time to involve the elderly in consulting the electorate. In Kenya, there is already a youth movement to nurture youth values. The youth there believe that they are not inherited from the old class of politicians.

Are youths in Uganda anywhere in terms of development?

The problem of funding can be easily solved within unity organizations and political parties. Meanwhile, current survival talents and hobbies will be transformed into economically profitable activities. Working patiently on small projects, committing to your goals, tackling health challenges with skill, can bring developmental surprises in the long run.

On the other hand, we have to devote some time to the service of the society we want to lead. A potential leader must be a servant himself. This means a little more focus on long-term plans that connect supporting business projects.

If agriculture-based, for example, there must be a shop, restaurant, transport business, milling, processing or semi-processing and export – the plan is to turn to easier means of making money in the process. Here’s a rule: save or invest – one at a time or both first.

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