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Should Women Hire a Male or Female Trainer and 17 Things to Consider

Jessica is a 38-year-old woman who has never worked before. She is not overweight, but she is weak and lethargic and out of shape. She says her clothes don’t fit like they used to and needs to lose some weight and improve her body tone and shape to feel better about herself. She is thinking of getting a trainer.

Jessica joins a health club a few days ago and asks her health club advisor about trainers. She collects all the trainers’ business cards, then goes to the health club’s website and reads each trainer’s credentials. Jessica has narrowed it down to three coaches.

The next day she goes to the club to consult all the coaches. She’s had free consultations from three coaches and narrowed it down to two. A female trainer and a male trainer, she likes both but is having a hard time deciding which one to hire.

A male trainer has trained more clients in his five years of training. He tells Jessica that 90% of his customers are women, but in this industry the majority of customers will always be women.

A female trainer has many of the same certifications but specializes in athletes. Most of her clients are men, basketball players, football players, bodybuilders and other athletes.

Female coach

Personally, I would say that the female coach has more experience, and is a stronger coach in many ways. Coaching athletes gives her a knowledge base that I think is unmatched by most coaches. But, she may be more qualified to train Jessica. Her in-depth knowledge is not required at such a low fitness level for a beginner like Jessica who has never worked out before.

Female coaches may have a slightly stricter approach than male coaches. why Athletes require a higher level of focus, dedication and harder workouts than the average person.

Athletes get in shape to compete not to be out of shape. Most athletes are not balanced in their approach, nor should they be. They want to achieve their goals come hell or high water and will do whatever it takes to perform at the highest level possible in their sport.

Now don’t get me wrong, the female trainer is smart enough to know that she will have to cut back on Jessica’s workouts to meet her needs and wants, but still lacks the level of empathy and patience a male trainer needs to train. A client with a lower level of fitness.

Jessica probably expected more than she could at the beginning of her fitness quest. No female trainer can match Jessica’s level of focus and commitment when training more athletically minded clients. She could give her a more vigorous training program; She can give her an eating plan that is a little bland and hard. This is not to say that it is all bad. Personally I think most clients should seek out this type of trainer. Not a coach but a cheerleader!

Male trainer

Male trainers on the other hand are not lazy; He is experienced and trained familiar to almost anyone who goes to the gym. He has spent hundreds of hours reading, researching and implementing programs that help clients meet their daily fitness needs such as weight loss, shaping and toning, and improving overall health.

A male trainer may show more patience to help the client find behaviors that improve fitness with a more balanced lifestyle. A male trainer only uses the attitudinal, mental, spiritual and emotional states of men and women who want to improve their fitness.

This isn’t to say that a female coach isn’t capable of possessing certain attributes to train Jessica, but her mind can be that of an athlete, which can be overwhelming at first.

Does it really matter if the coach is male or female?

Physical differences between men and women will affect a person’s approach to shaping. I will go into more depth about this in the future but below are just some of the physical differences.

1) Women are weaker in upper body than men

2) Women prefer men’s physique

3) Women’s pelvises tilt more than men’s

4) Women have less muscles than men

5) Women are more flexible than men

Really, it doesn’t matter, it’s just a matter of men being educated in those differences.

Deciding whether to hire a trainer male or female all depends on your needs, what you are trying to achieve and how well you get along with the person you are considering hiring.

The male coach is interacting with clients on a daily basis, just like Jessica, based on what Jessica has to bring to Jessica.

Questions to ask a potential coach

The gender of the trainer doesn’t matter but you should ask questions and feel comfortable with the person you want to hire and have a game plan in place. Your ultimate goal is to find the right match for you, your personality and lifestyle.

Here are the questions I think are important.

1) How many years has the trainer been working on his own?? I say they should have at least 5 years or personal fitness training. You want someone who has been in the trenches.

2) How long have they been a coach?: At least 2 years but I prefer 5 years or more. It is important that the more clients a trainer has trained, the more experienced they will be.

3) How many clients do they currently train?: Getting a feel for the number of clients a trainer has now tells you about their popularity and how well they treat others. Great coaches usually have a personality that draws people to them. This person is fun to be around, yet motivating and has a great coaching style at the same time.

4) How many clients have they trained since being a trainer:?I would say they must have trained at least 20 new clients a year. If they are in the industry for more than 5 years, they should train at least 100 people. If you’re going to do heart surgery, do you want a doctor with 20 surgeries under their belt or 10. Well, it’s a no brainer. Experience is important!

5) Are they certified?: Most people make a big deal out of this, but not me! why Remember that the goal of becoming certified is the same as any other exam. That’s to pass the exam! Pay more attention to how many courses the instructor has taken. There is something to be said for someone who is willing to constantly learn. Ask the trainer what other courses they have under their belt. The more diverse the coach, the more valuable it will be to your fitness. Training comes from experience and continuing to educate yourself. Taking continuing education classes, teaching people continuing education courses at colleges, creating other programs like boot camp classes, and learning activities like kickboxing make for a more knowledgeable and fun coach. With that said, when a person receives a certification that usually shows their commitment to the industry meeting those minimum standards. If they don’t have certification then they are showing a lack of commitment to their clients and the industry, you should look elsewhere.

6) How long certified or with degree?: Minimum 2 years. Take a look above and observe the first 5 listed on the page to decide.

7) HOW LONG DO THEY KEEP THEIR CLIENTS?: If people are retaining this trainer for at least a year paying hundreds a month, there must be a good reason for this!

8) Will they give you a fitness assessment How will they get you to your fitness destination?: One of the most important questions. This is one of the most appropriate questions ever. When you are sick and go to the doctor, you expect her to ask questions, look at your body, and assess your current state of health. Of course you do. So why would you expect to start an exercise program without first assessing your current fitness level? Assessing your fitness level is the surest way to personal fitness success. What does evaluation specifically accomplish? Lets you know exactly where to start your fitness program instead of shooting in the dark. It eliminates trial and error, enabling you to set goals that are easy to track and achieve results that you can see on your body and on paper. If your coach doesn’t do a simple strength, cardiovascular, bodyfat test, weight and measurement, and eating analysis, and this is the bare minimum, don’t hire them. They are lazy and don’t give you all there. Discussion is over!

9) Do they have clients that talk to you?: If they are hesitant to give you clients to talk to, think twice about hiring them. If they’re happier and better yet, that’s a good sign they’ll introduce you to clients they already have at the gym.

10) Questions you can ask a trainer’s client:

11) Have you accomplished your goals since being with the coach?

12) What kind of progress are you making?

13) Is he or she often on time for sessions?

14) Have you heard any negative things about the trainer?

15) What is their personality like?

16)Before you hire someone, go to a gym and see how they react to their clients. If they have a studio, they come in early and monitor their interactions with other clients.

17)Finally – The Sixth Sense. Working with someone once a week or more will create a friendly relationship. You will talk about work and your personal life. Hopefully they will listen and not give their input. Your coach will learn what motivates you; How you respond to exercise, your personality and mood, your ups and downs, etc. find out So, it is important that you feel comfortable with them.

If you think you won’t get along with a coach, don’t waste your time or money. Avoid the trainer like the plague if he’s a mean flirt or makes sexist comments. If you feel sexually stressed, avoid it by all means. Nothing good comes of it!

Your goal is to get in shape as stress-free as possible. Any tension in the trainer client relationship will end badly. Anything that makes you uncomfortable, interview more coaches. Use your intuition!

That’s all; I hope this information helps you find the right trainer!


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