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Effective Grip Training For Wrestlers And Grapplers

The best physical attributes for wrestling and wrestling sports are speed, flexibility and agility, strength should not be overlooked. With so much on their plate, most wrestling programs lack strength training; And as appropriate. Athletes with brute strength easily outperform faster or more precise technicians as their best attribute. However, when strength is improved in any athlete, overall performance is also improved. When properly programmed and executed, sport specific strength training for wrestling will produce bigger, faster and stronger athletes in any arena. Grip training for example applies directly to many aspects of wrestling and is easy to program into an already busy schedule.

Oddly enough, grip training has an interesting side effect; Apart from giving you an iron handshake, it will strengthen your entire body. As you improve your arm strength, the rest of your body will improve. For a wrestler, strong arms and wrists can give you complete control over your opponent when you grab a hold. In standing arm wrestling, a wrestler’s grip is challenged by grabbing their opponent’s wrist or grabbing the back of their head for full control or a hard snap. Defensively, if your grip is better than your opponent’s, you’ll be able to peel his hands off your wrists when he tries to pull you down after you’ve escaped from the bottom position. If your hands are strong enough, your opponent will never let go once you establish a grip; Similarly, he will never be able to keep his hold on you because your strong hands can tear him to pieces.

Fortunately, improving your grip strength is easy and can be done with very little specialized equipment. Generic grippers bought in the ‘sports section’ of Kmart won’t give you significant arm strength; Grip training is a bit more complicated than that. There are many types of grip training, all related to different functions of the hand. For example, pinching, squeezing/crushing, and holding actions should all be trained differently for the most rounded and efficient grip. Wrestling and grappling combat sports use a variety of grip functions so all aspects must be addressed when developing your training program for best success.

Breaking your opponent’s grip on your hand requires forcing your thumb or fingers between your opponent’s hand and your hand. This action requires a combination of crushing and pinching hand strength. To improve this, focus training on pinch grip for both thumb and fingers. Great exercises to use include timed mat holds and plate holds. These two 5-10 lb. Weight lifting plates are done pinched between your thumbs and fingers for 30 seconds to 1 minute or longer if possible. Do 3 sets and try to increase the time or weight each time you do this. Another good way to train a pinch grip (fingers benefit more than thumbs) is to tear up a phone book. When tearing through phone books, start small and work up to thicker and thicker books; Work on breaking the binding of the book first, then tear out the remaining pages.

A strong handshake involves crushing grip strength and is developed by squeezing objects with your hands. Super strong crushing grip strength is important for wrestlers so they can dominate the match by controlling their opponent’s wrists/hands. It is also the easiest to train. In the beginning, you can significantly increase your crushing grip strength as you train by simply focusing on your opponent’s hands and the weight lifting bar by squeezing your grip tighter. This is the most efficient way to train crushing grip strength, however you can improve further by using hand grippers for additional training. The best hand grippers are called ‘Captains of Crush’ because they are rated for strength athletes; They can be purchased from a company called They come in different strengths so you can work your way up to a stronger model and chart your progress as you go. Once you can close the Captain of Crush Gripper ten times, you should start training with the next level gripper. Although slightly more expensive than generic grippers, Captains of Crush are virtually indestructible and will stay strong throughout your career; They are a good investment as they will definitely increase your grip strength.

In many cases, wrestling and MMA grappling often requires controlling your opponent’s wrists or martial arts. Grip training to improve arm strength over a sustained period of time has a direct impact on a wrestler’s performance very quickly and should be incorporated into every program. This training is done by holding a weighted bar, preferably human body thickness (any size bar but the thicker the better) for longer and longer periods of time. If the match goes into overtime, a wrestler’s hold must be stipulated for more than 6 minutes. An excellent tool for training a wrestler’s grip is a towel. Use towels as a substitute for specific handles in the weight room; Use a towel for pull-ups, on the lat pull machine and while training as many arms as possible. Towels can also be used as grips for tricep extensions and wrapped around dumbbells or kettlebells for hammer curls.

If you don’t have access to a weight room, you can also use a towel for grip training. Using an oversized beach towel, double it (long ways) and roll it up and down paying particular attention to squeezing your grip as hard as possible with each turn of your wrist. You can also improve crushing grip as well as wrist strength by using a towel soaked in water. Dip a towel in a bucket of water, hold the wet towel vertically with both hands next to each other. Next, wring out all the water from the towel and wring it out; Keep doing this until the towel is completely dry. If you do it right, a few sets of these will leave your hands dead and forearms completely drenched in blood. Another great training tool for wrestlers is the rope. Climbing ropes, rope pullups, and battle rope training are great for building a strong, durable iron grip. For best results, use 1 1/2″ to 2″ thick rope (2″ thick is best).

Improving your grip strength will go a long way for wrestlers and wrestlers, but developing more wrist strength should also be a priority. A very strong wrist makes it nearly impossible for your opponent to break your grip or escape when you’re down. Wrist strength can be developed using a wrist roller; These are easily made with a thick piece of PVC pipe and a rope tied to a weight. This exercise is done by wrapping the rope as you twist the PVC pipe up and down. You can also build strong wrist strength by holding onto one end of a pole or bar with a light weight on the other end. Simply lifting weights for numerous repetitions with both radial and ulnar deviation works great for increasing wrist tendon strength. A large frying pan or iron skillet is also an excellent tool for this exercise.

When scheduling grip training into your program, be careful not to overdo it. Remember that a lot of grip work is already being done in your regular exercises. You should never start your wrestling practice or weight lifting session with grip training as this can ruin the rest of your work for the day and easily lead to overtraining. Grip training should be done at the end of the workout. Add only 1-2 exercises for 2-4 sets and only on permitted days. In other words, if your wrestling practice session that day is focused on arm fighting and eventually everyone’s grips are exhausted, call for little or no supplemental grip training that day. On that note, your grip training will only be effective if done regularly, so it pays to push as often as possible.

When incorporating grip training into your program, rotate different exercises to build optimal overall strength. Effective grip training is easy to incorporate into a wrestler’s schedule. Add a few sets of battle ropes at the end of a day/week of practice. The next day, wring the water out of the towel until your hands run out. For the third day, practice pinch grip by doing 3 sets of plate holds for 1 minute each. After three weeks of this, switch to different exercises. It’s also smart to tailor your grip training to a specific athlete’s needs if you can figure it out. If your wrestler has trouble breaking another’s grip because of weak fingers, supplement his training with exercises like plate holds and phone book rips to improve his pinch grip and thumb strength. However, most athletes will respond with very little additional grip training, and adding just about anything to your program can produce amazing results.

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