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Baseball Uniforms – Things You Must Be Aware Of

A baseball uniform is what baseball players around the world wear while playing. The first baseball uniform was worn during a game in 1849 by the New York Knickerbockers baseball club. A baseball uniform consists of several parts and includes: jersey, vest, pants, caps, socks, shoes, and gloves. Nowadays, uniforms come with different logos and colors to differentiate teams.

different parts of Baseball Uniforms:

Now let’s look at the elements of a good baseball uniform style in today’s detail.

  • Shoes: Shoes are an important part of the baseball uniform and the color of the shoes also changes depending on the player’s preference. But now black is the only color, which is chosen for shoes for baseball uniforms. Because, black is a universal shade, it goes perfectly with any and every shade and most importantly, this shade provides a great foundation for other parts of the baseball uniform.
  • Socks: In a baseball uniform, socks act as a mercy for the pants. As there is no rule regarding the length of baseball pants, players can choose the style according to their preference. For example, David Wright prefers to go high-cuffed for day games and low-cuffed for night games. Most high cuff players choose to wear solid colored socks and some of them prefer stirrups.
  • pants: Baseball pants are an important part of the entire baseball uniform. There are no height regulations for baseball pants. Players can choose to wear the pants above or below the cuff depending on their preference.
  • Jersey: Some changes have also been made to the baseball jersey uniform. In the 1970s and 80s, pullovers were used as jerseys. Then, there were the button-front shirts. Now used as a zipper front shirt jersey. Apart from the style, there are other things, which differentiate baseball jerseys. The home jersey features a simple chest logo. Besides, these days, there are solid-colored alternative baseball jerseys, which are preferred by junior baseball players.
  • hat: Every baseball uniform must have a cap. Baseball caps were not invented to protect players’ eyes from the sun’s harmful rays or to distinguish teams. Instead, it was invented as part of a baseball uniform because in the mid-1800s, no gentleman was seen out with a bare head. Equipped with these sunglasses, the trend continues even in a more casual era. To make things more fashionable, baseball caps are now available with team nicknames or logo images or hometown initials. Along with the cap, the under brim has also changed. Earlier, it was green, so, it has turned light gray and now black.
  • Batting Helmet: This is a type of helmet that batters use to protect their ears and head from the ball facing the pitcher. Professional batting helmets have only one ear protector (for lefties, the protection is for the right ear and for right-handed batters, the protection is for the left ear. Batting helmets for juniors and amateurs come with both ear protectors to protect them from loose balls.
  • Catcher’s Helmet: It is a protective helmet that comes with a face mask for catchers. The latest style of this helmet has a fully integrated mask and helmet, similar to a hockey goalie mask. But the traditional version of this helmet comes with a separate mask, which is worn over the helmet, similar to a batting helmet, it comes without any ear protection.

Considerations for choosing the right baseball uniform:

Like any other sport, even baseball, players are assigned different roles on certain parts of the field. This makes it very difficult for the audience to recognize any of the players. But every player needs to be recognized, so wearing a custom baseball jersey for every team member is very important.

There are many more reasons to customize uniforms than just identifying individual players. Customized uniforms also make players really popular with their fans in big games and fans often try to copy their idols. So, if you are looking to design a custom team jersey baseball for your team member, it is best to be aware of what goes into designing a great uniform.

  • Team Name: When designing a baseball uniform, always use something unique. It was difficult to come up with a team name that hadn’t been done before. A unique name can easily stand out when others remember the name.
  • Color: Choosing the right colors that match the personality of the team members while making the team stand out is a really tough task. Almost all baseball teams choose to wear shades like navy blue, red, royal blue or black. Although you can choose these colors for your team, the best option would be to pair these colors with some lesser used colors. Gray, black, and white are some other neutral shades that you can use with your preferred team uniform color. But do not choose more than two colors, otherwise the uniform will look like a clown uniform. So, before choosing the final uniform, check how beautifully the colors go together.
  • Team Logo: While choosing the right team logo, it is necessary to visit some pictures and stock photography websites. Start by doing a quick search about sports logos. There are tons of logos to choose from on the web and you can easily pick one for less than you would have to pay art fees. Any changes you like to make will be done through that website and you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • font: Take the help of numerous free fonts available on the web and choose the right one that matches the attitude of your team. In this case, you need to remember how important it is that everything on the jersey looks legible. Also, never forget to focus on number glyphs when deciding on fonts. For example, if you’re planning to screen print or tackle twill, it’s a bad idea to choose a distorted or etched font. On the other hand, if you are looking to get a sublimated jersey, you don’t need to worry about the type of font, as long as you understand the sublimation application process.
  • Simplicity: Never underestimate the importance of simplicity when designing custom uniforms for your baseball team. The best baseball uniforms are those that have different things going on and use a variety of colors. Never opt for shoulder or panel designs or use fancy ribbing or fancy arms and try to keep things simple. You can just use two colored panels and try to focus on creating the team name in a way that looks great. Thus, the overall look of your uniform will be unique.
  • Choosing the right fabric: At present, baseball uniforms are stretchy and light to allow players to move freely and easily. In addition, these uniforms also come with some sweat absorbent or wicking fabrics, commonly known as moisture management. This helps the players to stay comfortable and dry and allows for better breathability. So, while customizing your baseball uniform from a baseball uniform store, choose only high-quality fabrics that can withstand the physical nature of the game. In addition, always try to maintain the fabric through proper cleaning and storage practices.
  • Get inspired by league teams: If you are planning to choose custom baseball uniforms for your high school team and you have no idea what to do, you can take inspiration from MLB uniform designs. Thus, you can either settle on a single design or combine different types of designs as per your preference.

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