Do You Have To Get The Football Mom A Present Is Necessity the Mother of Good Inventions, Bad Inventions or Whatever Gets You Through the Night?

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Is Necessity the Mother of Good Inventions, Bad Inventions or Whatever Gets You Through the Night?

We have collaborated with referral networks on this directory of community resources and health education articles that will include contributions from stress management professionals from many disciplines. Their approach to keeping your mind and body in healthy balance will supersede traditional stress management methods. Please note that this smorgasbord of choices is complementary and synergistic. The writings of the professionals involved will provide a rich and multifaceted understanding of stress; Its origins, its nature, and how it stimulates and produces adaptive, and maladaptive disease-causing responses.

Last but not least, the content will examine the unhealthy and healthy ways we manage stress that trigger and reduce stress symptoms in different combinations and at different time intervals. In fact, you’ll notice that many of the stress management strategies we use change over time from unhealthy to healthy, and back again. We hope you’ll read these pages because you’re interested in the health and wellness of yourself, your friends, and family, and you’ll learn how to manage the stress in your own life that affects your life in dramatic ways.

But wait, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. “Stress” and “stress management” are words that roll off our tongues as if understanding them is second nature to all of us. To make sure we’re all on the same page, let’s start with a working definition of stress courtesy of

1) An applied force or system of forces which stresses or deforms a body,

2) the resistance force produced in the body as a result of the extreme applied force and

3) A physical or mental stimulus that can cause mental stress or a physical reaction that can lead to illness.

If you can’t relate to the language used in these definitions, just notice the fact that all three definitions define stress in negative terms. This is as far from the truth as I can tell you that coins have one side. The tension is constant. For each individual and each activity there is an optimal level of stress that enhances performance and stimulates adaptations that produce growth. A person pushed to perform in school may respond with excellent test scores. Another may either become nervous and have trouble concentrating, pass out, or even worse, become nervous enough to not appear for the exam. Due to heredity, education and accidents of fate, different people can respond very differently to the level of stress applied in different situations.

For example, Tiger Woods is more likely than most professional golfers to perform at his best during major golf championships when internals and expectations are heightened. He is now playing for his ranking in the pantheon of golf’s immortals. Many of his peers would have matched him for 1, 2 or maybe 3 rounds only to lose their cool by winning the final round of majors on Sunday. Many would manage the stress of the moment differently if they were playing in the Hartford Open instead of the Masters. Others who depend on their longevity on the PGA Tour may face the same amount of difficulty, regardless of the tournament’s prestige level.

It has been widely publicized how Tiger Woods was coached by his father to compete under pressure. Did he have extraordinary athletic gifts? It’s probably a safe bet. Clearly, his competitive fires burn at just the right temperature. If Tiger and his teammates work in a frenzy like footballers getting ready to take part in their proverbial Sunday battle, their fine motor skills that translate muscle memory into well-executed shots will let them down. They will have no violent outlet to modify and control their heightened state of readiness. Football players and golfers have different optimal stress levels to prepare for their best performance.

Optimal levels of stress promote optimal performance. To illustrate this accepted notion, let’s take aerobic exercise as an example. To our system this stress is known as a mood lifter and anxiety reducer activity. Whether your passion is swimming, cycling, dancing or spending time on Step Master at the gym, sensible exercise has countless health benefits. Your heart and lungs, bones and muscles will be strengthened if your body is stressed so that between rest and repair intervals, the organ systems responsible for physical performance are strengthened.

This will translate into being able to perform more tasks at a lower level of exertion. Other benefits include the muscle being more resistant to skeletal injuries. Studies indicate that people who exercise regularly have a healthier immune system that is more resistant to illness and a healthier cholesterol profile that reduces the chance of premature plaque build-up in their arteries. Exercisers tend to lose excess weight because exercise burns calories during exercise and at a higher than normal rate for several hours after exercise stops.

An increase in blood sugar is also an appetite suppressant. I’m not just rubbing warts on this profile of stress, I’m emphasizing that optimal stress is a catalyst for growth and development. A complete absence of stress will seriously reduce your ability to succeed. If we do, we will not develop and realize our potential as people as quickly. Necessity is the mother of invention.

Putting too little stress on your body during exercise will not boost your ability to perform. Too much stress can have a number of negative effects on our health and well-being that are as alarming as the aforementioned benefits are incredibly encouraging. Too much exercise and/or too little rest can stress our body and or mind, leading to major disruptions in mind/body functioning. I’ve been around enough runners in my time to be warned that this activity should be no different than a pack of cigarettes: “Running can be dangerous to your health.” If we are tired or sick and rely too much on the release of endorphins from our brain’s pleasure center to feel better, we can continue this activity past the breaking point and become deaf to our body’s need to rest.

Overuse syndrome can lead to musculoskeletal injuries and fatigue syndrome that can make people feel like they have the flu. A compromised immune system due to physical exhaustion can lead to symptoms of depression which can compromise the immune system and leave the door open to many physical disorders. Exercising to release stress from your body and experiencing a “runner’s high” can leave runners feeling anxious and eventually depressed.

When we lose control of ourselves, the ability to lose our composure and engage in mindless and impulsive actions is a strong human tendency. Furthermore, in addition to potentially embarrassing, self-esteem-lowering reactions to loss of self-control, we often feel hopeless and helpless because we cannot consciously approach and exercise authority over them, unless we feel right. Impulse, emotion and belief. Teaching people how to control themselves is what Dr. Psychiatrists like Vergoz and myself do.

An over-reliance on unhealthy stress management strategies or an unhealthy dependency increases negative stress; Activities that cause us to ignore our needs to solve stressful problems in our lives. Such unhealthy dependencies are what we call addictive relationships. If a loved one is pressuring us with expectations that we don’t want to meet, or expectations that we don’t want to meet, we can choose to address the issue directly, or we can try to get out of our dilemma by going for a long run or Can try riding a bike. Significantly different about the problem.

We may “feel better” by temporarily releasing tension in our bodies, however, we are not very far towards solving our problem. In fact, the farther we run from any problem, the bigger the albatross becomes around our necks. See what happens to those who do everything they can to rationalize staying away from the dentist’s office. An intermittent toothache that we’d like to alleviate may disappear for a while, only to reappear one morning as a hideous infection that swells one side of our face to the size of a grape.

The more we minimize and deny the existence of the need to cope, instead of pursuing temporary band-aids on problems, the less able we feel to cope with the problem and the more stressful the problem becomes. This is both because a small problem can become a big problem if neglected and also like muscles that are not used and allowed to atrophy; If we don’t use the stress management strategy we lose.

Energy is neither created nor destroyed. It just changes form. This concept of energy conservation beautifully explains why disease is caused by trapped energies in our body. If we can think about the emotional energy that gets stuck and sickening in our systems, we can release these energies creatively and/or harmlessly as eco-friendly steam.

“Go ahead and let off some steam responsibly” is preferable to holding back so you end up with a sore back or stomach ache. The logic behind why some people’s vulnerability to stress causes them to become anxious, depressed, substance dependent, or suffer from headaches is a complex and sometimes impossible mystery. However, we have learned that releasing stress in a constructive way can eliminate or even reduce symptoms.

We know that energy dynamics is the physical principle that governs these processes. An environmental pollutant stresses the body to such an extent that whether a resident develops a form of cancer is determined by a number of factors, some of which relate to their willingness and ability to manage the effects of such stress on their systems. If such a person is overweight, depressed, and sedentary, he may be at increased risk for environmental toxins, however, we do not know for sure why he will or will not develop life-threatening disease. However, we do know that how it manages or defends against environmental toxins and other environmental stressors affects the body’s vulnerability to disease-causing processes.

If you take yourself seriously, you will take the stress in your life very seriously because the level of stress in your life and how you manage it will go a long way in determining your health and well-being. Stress management strategies complement each other. After reading this article you may want to consider stress management on your own and/or in combination with a professional like me and learn to improve your stress levels and de-stress in healthy ways so that your mind and body remain balanced and energized. To achieve meaningful results in your life.

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