Do You Play American Football In The Morning Or Evening The Story of Bra Spider’s Enjoyment of Bra Cunny Rabbit’s Flight of Success

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The Story of Bra Spider’s Enjoyment of Bra Cunny Rabbit’s Flight of Success

Bra Spider and Bra Bunny Rabbit have always been friends. They were so close that not a day went by without one of them calling out to the other. But of the two, Bra Spider was the least educated, as he was very reluctant to go to school and improve himself. So actually he never went to any school. Whenever he was sent to school, he would swear and protest as if he would be lynched. In his mind he felt it was useless and a mere waste of time. So his friend Bra Bunny Rabbit enjoyed going to school and learning, in general, Bra Spider continued to play football in the street. Despite this, the two remained good friends. After Bra Bunny Rabbit returned from school, he and his friend used to play together for some time.

Time moves on as Bra Bunny Rabbit goes to school regularly and his friend falls behind him. So he learned a lot from his teachers which he accumulated and stored for ‘tomorrow’. Bra Spider, on the other hand, kept dropping out of school. He would play in the street corner from morning until he thought the school day was over rather than endure the tests given by the school.. Then he would return home as calmly as if he had returned from school. He repeated this trick every day. While he continued his pettiness, his friend continued to benefit from his lessons at school. For years things went on in the same old way. At the end of each year Bra Cunny Rabbit brought home the unmistakable news of success in his exams. Bra Spider, on the other hand, continued to play hide and seek with his parents. Because he had nothing better than his friend.

After five years of hard work, Bra Rabbit sat his school certificate exam. By then there was not much meat left on him as he went through almost endless nights of sleepless nights due to his strong desire to have nothing but the best come out of it. So he drilled himself on all the subjects he had to take regularly. At the end of that harsh regime he was satisfied with his efforts and was confident of an eventual overwhelming victory. He then started playing football again with his friend Bra Spider after a long break. They had a lot of fun together. But often the bra spider who was always on top of the game would taunt him, “say, bookworm.” But Bra Bunny Rabbit played quietly without paying much attention to his teasing. Soon, he was fully accepted again.

Finally, when the results were announced, Bra Cunny Rabbit came out on top. It had the best effect. He was proud of his great achievement. He was nearly mad with joy and a sense of accomplishment as almost everyone was applauding his efforts. Cuni Rabbit’s parents now raised their heads in society as every other person was full of admiration for him as they congratulated him and his parents. But his happiness and joy became a source of embarrassment, pain and torment to his friend, who now secretly began to repent of not following his friend’s good example. As his pain and remorse grew, Bra Spider began to dodge his friend, as he did not know how to hide his true feelings of jealousy and hatred for his friend’s success.

Bra Cunny Rabbit’s joy grew even more when a few days later he was awarded a UNESCO Bursary by UNESCO which enabled him to further his education at Amherst College in the United States of America.

Bra Kuni Rabbit’s parents now held their heads high in the city as they were very happy and hopeful for their son’s progress. They spoke of him with great pride to everyone they met or met or encountered. He was now the center of attention as others joined in expressing his joy and gratitude. But not everyone was happy. Others were like Bra Spider’s parents who reacted less enthusiastically. But then his anger at his son’s non-performance was expressed in very harsh terms: ‘Where were you that you couldn’t do like your friend? Is someone sitting on your brain?”

“The teacher didn’t like me, that’s why they failed me.”

“Shut up, you stupid lying man. He didn’t like you? What kind of lame excuse is that? Isn’t that why you didn’t get the result?….let’s face the fact that he isn’t. Just like you. Is he the only teacher in the school or his word in the school? Should be superior to others?”

“He made all the other teachers hate me mom.”

“Because you’re a bloody fool, perhaps. That’s why they all gang up against you. Get out of my sight before I kill you worthless.”

Bra Spider’s pain, shame, regret and worry multiply in this way. He stood behind the house thinking about his sorrow. Then summing up courage, he vowed, “To hell with it, I’ll still be a footballer and make it in life.”

With that encouraging thought, Bra Spider left to join his friends playing football on the ground nearby.

‘Eh bra spider!’ Bra Dog saw him and cried, “You must be feeling lonely now, aren’t you?”

“Why?” Bra Spider asked, confused and confused as to what was being suggested.

“Come on, stop pretending you didn’t know you were going to lose a friend soon.”

“Indeed I have no idea, if you can warn me now.”

“Do you want me to believe that you don’t know that your friend, Bra Bunny Rabbit, is about to leave these shores for further studies abroad?”

The thought of being separated from his friend added to his sorrow. But still, he didn’t want to believe it was true. Then his friends started taunting him. This made his situation worse. At the slightest opportunity, he would sneak away. But flight and escape did not alleviate his plight. He became sadder and sadder. The only way he can find a way to save his mind from permanent depression and dementia is his friend, Bra Bunny Rabbit. There was only one place where he could be sure of a sympathetic ear and possibly help.

Soon, he announced himself at Bra Bunny Rabbit’s house as he was about to leave. Almost out of breath, Bra Spider greeted his friend and asked, hoping it would be denied. “How true is it that you are going to study abroad, my good friend? That’s what I’ve been hearing around, and since you haven’t told me, I find it hard to believe.” With that said, Bra Spider stood looking anxiously at his friends’ mouths, his nervous heart beating like a thump.

“It’s very true, Bra Spider, I’m so sorry I couldn’t tell you earlier, but I suddenly find myself in this situation: preparing to go abroad for further education.”

“Do it, Bra Bunny Rabbit, please have mercy on me, please don’t go away. I’ll be alone. You should know that I have no other friends but you,” Bra Spider’s face was already wet with tears. begging

Bra Cunny Rabbit was moved to see his friend in a once-in-a-lifetime state of regret, despair and worry. But now he wondered what to do to help him. He thought about it a lot, but he couldn’t think of any viable plan. Then he thought to clear his mind by convincing himself that his journey was not so enviable as he had thought.

“My friend Bra Spider, do not envy my situation, for if you knew how I travel you would prefer to be safely at home. It is not easy indeed, my friend.”

Raising his head, he saw Bra Spider now crying loudly, so he knew his method wasn’t working. To control him, Bra Bunny Rabbit promised, “Well, my friend, stop crying. And don’t you worry. Just wait till tomorrow and see what I’ll do for you.”

“Guys? Are you going to take me with you? You, bra bunny?”

“Hey, you’re just waiting for me, Bra Spider.”

“As long as you don’t leave me behind, I’m willing to do whatever it takes for you.”

Bra Kuni Rabbit got ready very early the next morning. He put his clothes in a big bundle. He remembered the advice to ‘make an impression’. So, immediately dressed and mingled with the scent of old Scotch cologne, he took his baggage with him. Bra Spider almost ran into him and cried, ‘Bra Rabbit, Bra Rabbit, remember you promised to take me with you. Do you remember?”

“Well, if you say so, I won’t refuse you. But I don’t remember making any such promise to you. But since you insist, and only on those terms, I have no choice. But I must do it again. Be warned—if you know that How am I traveling there.!”

“Okay, if you’re ready in this bundle of clothes.”

Although Bra Spider was horrified at the thought, he summoned enough courage to try. Thus he was put into a bundle and neatly tied up with clothes. With the bundle containing Bra Spider slung over his shoulder, Bra Cunning Rabbit set off on his journey. He surged forward as the weight weighed him down. He kept shifting the load from left to right to ease the pain and strain on the shoulder. But as he progressed, the weight became more and more unbearable. Besides, the bra bunny rabbit was already babbling.

“Please be patient, we’ll get there soon,” Bra Spider pleaded.

“You don’t know where we’re going. I alone know how far there is to go,” replied Bra Bunny Rabbit.

“But I hope it is not far from the end.”

“Sorry, still a long way to go.” So they walked quietly but patiently, sweating in the heat of the sun. Then finally they reached the airport where they waited for some time to check in. Meanwhile Bra Spider continued to grunt uneasily in the suffocating bundle. After forty-five minutes, the Boeing 707 aircraft landed on the tarmac.

“What is it? What is it? Are we safe? Are we not going to be killed?”. The bra spider kept demanding from inside the safe abode of his bundle.

“Shhh! Shut up! Or they’ll soon notice you’re there. This plane is landing. Please don’t say anything, don’t move, don’t listen? Just be still and quiet. , Yeah!”

Bra Spider numbed his muscles, standing still as if he had died in the village cemetery. The bra bunny rabbit sped through customs and immigration without a hitch. His luggage was now being weighed and scanned. His heart went limp inside him as he went through the process. But he continued to fear that his belongings would be opened and searched for his friend. So he kept praying to God to avoid such a possibility. Indeed, God helped him. His stuff was fine. He was allowed to take a bundle as hand luggage. So with it in hand, he mounted the flight craft and emerged into the glory of the plane’s cabin. Then there was an outbreak of bra spider complaints.

Bra Rabbit had now caused the bundle to open and released the trapped spider. As soon as the knot is released, the bra springs out like a spring holding a spider. His penetration was so sharp and violent that the entire plane shook. So the take off was delayed to allow the airport authorities to come in and inspect as well as check. Bra Bunny Rabbit strongly protested his innocence and ignorance. He said he did not know until he heard an unusual noise upon entering the plane. Bra Spider was thus arrested and taken to the nearest police station where he was kept in custody for some time.

Thus Bra Spider lost another chance in life. Not to be completely abandoned after his release, he has enrolled at Lumley Trade Center to learn building skills.

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