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Domestic Violence Against Women – A Nationwide Epidemic

Domestic violence is an epidemic in the United States. Victims of domestic violence and perpetrators of domestic violence can be anyone. Domestic violence does not just involve two people but the entire family. Participants can be of any gender. Contrary to our stereotypes, domestic violence happens to the wealthy, educated, and even soccer moms. “Violence is primarily perpetrated by men; most men have been socialized into masculine identities.” (Wood, 2009). “In the United States, a woman is beaten by a man every twelve to eight seconds; four women are beaten to death every day; and women are 600 percent more likely than men to experience intimate partner brutality.” (Wood, 2009). Statistically, domestic violence knows no socio-economic, educational, racial or religious boundaries. Domestic violence is learned and can be unlearned; It is important to recognize the types of abuse, why women live in it, the programs available and the changes that can be made to reduce the growing statistics for our future generations, as reporting domestic violence against child abuse and elder abuse in Illinois is not required by law. .How is domestic violence learned? “Most domestic violence is due to learning and reinforcement due to biology or genetics.” (Farmer, 2007).

Behaviors are learned by observing others abuse someone in their presence or being abused themselves. “Studies have found that nearly half of abusive men grew up in homes where their fathers or stepfathers were violent.” (Farmer, 2007). A boy can learn to be aggressive at an early age. For example, children who play football play rough, endure physical pain and injuries, and face their opponents while competing in sports activities. (Woods, 2009). Also, showing emotion is frowned upon. This can be linked to violent behavior against women, children, animals as they become more mature. Turning Point, Inc. According to, “Male violence against women in intimate relationships is a social problem that is supported and supported by the norms and traditions of a particular society. Porn videos, magazines and websites are the reason for learning that women are not worthy of respect. And valuable only as sex objects for men. Most Video and computer games have become an important source of training for children and adolescents. Many sex-role messages portray men as aggressive men and control the value of women as limited to their sexual attractiveness. . Children often learn that they are not responsible for their actions. Aggression in children is a medical condition. Being treated as a problem. Children are being diagnosed and medicated instead of recognizing that they are possibly hurt and have experienced violence and abuse at home.

Domestic violence is repeated because it works and often has no legal consequences. Learning about domestic violence means that perpetrators’ behavior can be changed. Most individuals can learn not to abuse if there is sufficient motivation to change that behavior.” (Farmer, 2007, p. 2). There are many forms of violent behavior in our society including “physical, verbal, emotional, sexual, and visual cruelty. They are imposed disproportionately or exclusively on members of one sex.” (Wood, 2009, p. 285). The first form of abuse is physical. Men physically abuse women by beating, biting, stabbing, shoving, or sexually coercing them. The victim is the woman. The society is weak. and seen as more deserving of abuse, while male perpetrators are seen as strong, aggressive and controlling. Another type of abuse is verbal. This type of abuse can be done by a man threatening his female partner. Verbal bullying includes belittling, insulting, ignoring, disrespecting, ” It can include telling you what to do” or saying “You’re fat, ugly or stupid”. Or other words can be used like “No one will ever want you,” and you’ll never earn a T for anything.”

The third form of abuse by men is emotional. This includes the male partner making toxic comments that make the woman feel guilty, injured or traumatized and afraid to take any steps to get out of the situation. For example, the use of voice and body language to suggest that a woman is stupid, ignorant, incompetent or defective. A statement that is often used is “Just who do you think you are?” Julia T. on page 289 of Gendered Lives. According to Wood, “At least twenty-eight percent and as many as fifty percent of women experience intimate partner violence, which is physical, psychological, emotional, verbal, or financial force that is used against one partner. The other partner in a romantic relationship.” (Wood, 2009, p. 289).

Why do women stay in any relationship while being abused? There are many reasons why women choose to stay in their relationships while being abused. For example, lack of income and education. Husbands have complete control over not allowing spouses to work or not have money. Women will be solitary and have no outside relationships with family. An abusive partner will call multiple times and keep track of where their partner is and every moment of the day. Most women feel that there is no way to stay in a relationship. Women stay because they fear the consequences and don’t know where to go to feel safe. They think they will be found without a new identity. This is especially true when children are involved.

Women will feel guilty for taking the child away from the father. Finally, women will justify the abuse by saying, “I deserve it,” “If I hadn’t made him mad,” or “If only he’d done what he asked me to do,” I wouldn’t have been assaulted. Many women also feel that it is their duty to “submit” to their partner because of their religion. Some women are raised in an environment, especially one that pleases their parents. They know nothing better than to marry and submit to their spouse. In chapter twelve of Gendered Lives on page 284, “Four million American women experience serious assault by a partner in an average twelve-month period, and at least three women are murdered by a husband or boyfriend every day.” (Woods, 2007, p. 284). Western society recognizes domestic violence with at least four stages of violence. Julia T. On page 293 in Woods’ Gendered Lives she talks about intimate partner violence and the four stages. They are known as the tension, explosion, regret and honeymoon stages. The two stages that help victims stay are the repentance and the honeymoon stage. In the state of remorse, the abuser will say anything to preserve the relationship such as “I’m so sorry” and promise “I’ll never do that again” or desperately say “I’ll get help” and never follow through. During the honeymoon phase the abuser will feel guilty for their actions and will usually buy the victim gifts to make up for their behavior.

The shocking number of sexual violence is a nationwide epidemic that society needs to take more seriously. Even today, domestic violence against women continues to rise and women’s health issues are a concern. Thirty years ago battered women had no place to go or options that could offer help and support. Today, there are more places like shelters, churches, and agencies to help victims of domestic violence. These shelters not only provide a place to live, but help with restraining orders, money, lawyers, and a new lease on life. Society needs to address abuse by men and help educate people, especially the future generation, to prevent more violent attacks. The solutions seem simple but as a nation we need to re-evaluate how we treat criminals in our society and how we define and prevent them.

We must learn how to be effective parents, spouses and teachers without resorting to violent behavior to resolve disputes with our loved ones and those with whom we interact. Identifying the stages, characteristics and types of abuse is important to be able to reduce the statistics of sexual violence. Just by voicing our opinions we can make a difference either by stopping or reporting an abuser in the home or when someone you know is being abused. Every community can contribute by raising awareness in their village by volunteering or speaking out against violence.

All women are victims of domestic violence; Until the entire community chooses to speak up. Can statistics change today’s rise in domestic violence? Yes, talking about laws can help because if the laws and punishments against the perpetrators are made more severe, then overall it can prevent further domestic violence. Domestic violence against women in today’s culture is not limited to any economic class; It is up to each individual and society to make changes that will reduce the current statistics.

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