Does A Football Snap Have To Be Between The Legs Where to Meet Ukrainian Women – Part One – Kiev

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Where to Meet Ukrainian Women – Part One – Kiev

It’s a beautiful sunny day and I’m out for a walk around town. Next to me by the street lamp, to my left, stand two distinguished women, in their mid-twenties, one blonde and one brunette. They not only have beautiful facial features but equally beautiful slim bodies and long legs. But not only that, they are dressed very sexy, even if, like me, they have gone out for a walk or to the supermarket. Hair and makeup perfect, nails manicured, high heels, sexy short skirts, and a button up top that only half buttoned up, showing ample cleavage and a hint of their equally sexy underwear underneath.

I notice they are looking at me and I make eye contact with the brunette, she gives me a small smile. They leave the curb in front of me and my eyes are bathed in the beauty of the rear view of the women walking in front of me. And they don’t just walk, they walk with the litheness of a runway model. Before my thoughts can turn to cross the road myself, a drop dead gorgeous auburn haired beauty is coming my way. No miniskirt, however, her skintight stretch pants and high heels suit her perfectly.

She smiles and looks down as she passes me, I turn my head to catch a glimpse of her behind and enjoy the sensuality of the barely visible contours of her thong underwear. I cross the street and two sexy blondes are walking towards me. Again, I can’t help but crane my neck as they pass. Thirty seconds later and a 40-year-old woman is buying some products at a market kiosk, dressed as slim and sexy as the women before. Again, tight pants, thong underwear, generous displays of cleavage and very clear displays of femininity. Pretty standard in this city. 30 more seconds, 2 more beauties, my head spins. Another 20 seconds, 3 groups of narcissistic women are coming from different directions….head turn, head turn, head turn. I check my bag to see if I brought any ointment so my neck doesn’t hurt too much from twisting. Then… I get up! Of course it’s a dream, paradise for men can only exist in our dreams, right? Wrong…….Welcome to Ukraine!!

I am a foreigner who has been living in Ukraine for many years. A lot has changed in Ukraine since I first arrived, but not the incredible number of sexy and beautiful Ukrainian women here. I am not exaggerating!! I regularly meet foreigners who are here for their first visit and when I manage to get their attention (which is hard to do when drug bombshells are walking by every 20-30 seconds) the most common comment I get is “When I came to Ukraine before I was here. I read about beautiful girls, but I never imagined that this could be such a paradise. The boys back home would never believe me.” So come and visit Ukraine.. but don’t forget your neck ointment, you need it! You can meet some hot Ukrainian women on reputable dating sites before visiting Ukraine.

I’ve traveled extensively in Ukraine and Russia, and like North America and Western Europe, each city has its own unique flavor. For big cities, give me Kyiv! I have lived in Moscow and I would choose Kyiv over Moscow any day. Kyiv is a beautiful and picturesque city situated on a hill by the river. Unlike Moscow, Kyiv is very green in the center with wide streets open to the sky and for the most part retains its old style classic European architecture and atmosphere. I don’t feel as cramped in Kiev as in Moscow.

Kyiv is the largest city in Ukraine and has all kinds of beautiful women. You don’t just have women born and raised here, but students who come from all over Ukraine to study at Kyiv’s universities, alumni who stay after graduation, and students who come to the big city for job opportunities.

In general, you will find a more sophisticated and educated type of woman in Kiev, compared to smaller cities in Ukraine. But, that’s a generality… you’ll find all kinds. There’s no shortage of places to take your lady in Kiev, North America’s biggest city has it all. There are restaurants to suit every budget (almost all world cuisines are represented), beautiful parks, pubs, nightclubs, live music venues, concerts, special cultural events, live theater, sports to watch (soccer/football, hockey, basketball), to play. Sports (beach volleyball, go karting, bowling, hockey), museums and more. There are large islands in the middle of the river and that’s where the action takes place in the summer. During the day the beaches are full of bathing beauties, you can play volleyball, have a beer or rent a paddle boat if you get tired of talking to all the pretty girls.. or bring her (them!) with you! And at night the outdoor dance clubs on the islands are alive with action.

Some of the most romantic places to go on a date include river cruises (day and evening cruises) and my absolute favorite is the outdoor museum in the forest on the edge of town. It’s a replica of Ukrainian village and village life from years past, complete with demonstrations of how they lived and worked. It covers a huge area so give yourself a full day to enjoy it and wear comfortable shoes (even if your Ukrainian lady is hesitant to give up her high heels it would be wise for her to do so on this occasion).

If you don’t have that much time to spend with just one woman, an equally romantic activity is a walk through the park that runs the length of the river hill in the middle. During your trip to the top of the hill you will find beautiful views of the river and the city, flower beds, museums, a palace, historical buildings, monasteries and last but not least, park benches to chat and have a first kiss!

A less intimate, but equally enjoyable activity where you can combine your souvenir shopping with a stroll with a beautiful lady, is a trip to Andriyivsky Uzviz street in the center. It’s a picturesque setting, with a cobblestone road leading down the hill towards the river. These shops and street vendors/artisans sell all kinds of souvenirs and gifts. If you are with a caring lady, she will help you negotiate the price with the vendors so that you don’t pay the top tourist price. If the only thing your lady cares about is what you can buy her, I would seriously consider moving on to another lady. Note the scarcity of hot Ukrainian women so you have the luxury of ditching the unwanted beauty and moving on to another woman!

And finally, a little about walking in Kiev. Most likely you will arrive at the international airport in Borispyl which, like many world airports, is quite far from the city centre. And, like many airports around the world, taxi drivers are aggressive and will try to price you. I would suggest you either arrange the airport pickup in advance or have someone you trust negotiate for you. On one of my trips, I introduced myself to the lady sitting next to me on the plane. It turns out that she is friends with the President of Ukraine. I got a ride in the center of Kiev in the black Mercedes president’s fleet, no fun! My point is, don’t be afraid to start a conversation, you never know what opportunities it might bring. There is also the option of taking a bus to the center which runs every half hour during the day and which I believe terminates at the train station. Once you’re in the city, transportation is everywhere, taxis, subways (fast and cheap), minibuses, trolleybuses and streetcars. No problem walking around the city.

So, what are you waiting for? Non-stop beautiful and sexy women in Ukraine is not a dream, it’s a reality! There are too many of them and not enough qualified men. Come here and you’ll be the one saying “I never imagined paradise like this could exist!”

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