Error 1719 in Windows 7 – Learn Easy Windows 7 Error 1719 Fix

Error 1719 in Windows 7 is one of the most frustrating errors in Windows 7 operating system. It is related to Windows Installer package.

The use of Installer is not only limited with Microsoft products. Today’s most of the software manufacturing companies use the Installer package to facilitate the installation procedure in simple and easy manner.

The full description of error 1719 in Windows 7 is “The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed. This can occur if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Contact your support personnel for assistance.” It arises due to the problems related to Windows Installer files and its registry entries. The solution for this problem is based on exactly why does the error persists.

1. Reinstall Windows Installer

2. Resolve Incorrect Registry Issues

3. Resolve System Files Corruption

4. Resolve the Necessary Disk Space Problem

5. Ensure Valid Image Path in Registry

6. Rollback the System to an Earlier State

Reinstall Windows Installer

Error 1719 in Windows 7 appears if Windows Installer package is not properly installed or its files are corrupted. It may not be wrong to say that sometimes third-party software may be responsible for this problem.

1. Connect your computer to the internet.

2. Visit Microsoft website, and download Windows Installer.

3. Run the downloaded setup to install it on your computer.

4. Restart the machine after finishing.

The error should not appear again. Unfortunately, if it still appears, you might require repairing the registry entries of the Windows Installer package.

Resolve Incorrect Registry Issues

Windows Installer is a package used to execute administrative tasks like installing, uninstalling and repairing a software product. While executing such tasks, it uses the registry to store information and retrieve it back when it is needed, for example, while installing a specific product it writes into registry so that no other product can be installed at the same time using Windows Installer.

The problem is that, when a software installation is unexpectedly aborted or improperly terminated, the registry entries of Windows Installer get corrupted by the outdated and incorrect information. It necessitates the need of restoring back its registry entries in proper way and resolving the incorrect information.

You are recommended to use good registry/system cleaner software and resolve the registry related issues so that Error 1719 in Windows 7 will not appear again.

Resolve System Files Corruption

Corrupted state of the system files makes it difficult for the Windows Installer to execute its tasks and thereby Error 1719 in Windows 7 originates. In most cases I have seen, the third-party products especially theme packages that replace your system files, were responsible for corrupting the system files.

There is one utility called System File Checker needs to be executed now:

1. Insert the installation disc you used to install Windows 7.

2. Press Windows Key + R of your keyboard to load Run box.

3. Type SFC /ScanNow and press ENTER.

4. Follow the instructions.

Ensure Valid Image Path in Registry

Incorrect Image Path or simply File Path of Windows Installer package in the registry may bring down the Error 1719 in Windows 7 problem. You shall overwrite that Image Path with the valid one. And off course, this problem can be automatically solved using a registry cleaning software.

1. Open My Computer, and press F3 key to load Search feature.

2. Type MsiExec.exe and note down its valid path carefully. For example, C:WindowsSystem32MsiExec.exe

3. Press Windows Key + R of your keyboard to load Run box.

4. Type RegEdit and press ENTER.

5. Navigate here: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesMSIServer

6. Double click ImagePath to modify.

7. Type the valid one which you had noted in the above second step.

8. Press ENTER and close Registry Editor.

Resolve the Necessary Disk Space Problem

Do you have necessary free disk space to conduct setup tasks through Windows Installer? Make it sure now and free-up the disk space to solve the Error 1719 in Windows 7.

1. Open disk cleaner or pc optimizer product you had installed in the Resolve Incorrect Registry Issues section.

2. Click System Cleaner |Clean.

Rollback the System to an Earlier State

Rolling back your system to an earlier state may fix the Error 1719 in Windows 7. Using System Restore, select a system restore point at which the system was not showing the said error. For example, a restore point before three days or a week.

1. Click Start |All Programs |Accessories | System Tools | System Restore.

2. Click Next button.

3. Select a restore point by browsing the available dates.

4. Click Next, and follow the wizard your own. System Reboot is required.

Source by Shane Z