February – The Loving Heart

February – Valentines Day, Roses, Hearts, “the month of loving”.

The definitions of love are many and varied from platonic, to familial, to intimate, romantic, to devotional and the list goes on. But what is it that connects all these types of love?

Love is blind, or is it actually the deepest most beautiful part of human connection? Is love actually seeing another being as “the stuff of which the Universe is made?” Is it not love which allows electrons to keep rotating around the nucleus of an atom? So how can we improve love – make it better?

Discontinue judgment and look at the inner core of another, allowing love without condition, with no restraints, to flow from your inner core into another being and then flow back. Feel the expansion of your self, especially within your heart and chest, and then the rest of your body and mind. This is powerful healing; I suspect the most powerful healing available on our planet.

Allow this nonjudgmental love to flow to another and another and another. Feel the aches and pains of your body ease as your emotions lift your “frequency” higher and higher. Allow yourself to laugh as you experience the joy of Unconditional Love. Let this nonjudgmental love wash over the soul of others – and yours.

Hold the vision of perfection of the inner core for every being, yes, every being.Know that each person wishes to be that perfect being of love. Feel how love grows within you and how, spoken or unspoken, the connection with others becomes stronger. In improving loving connections with others, we actually improve our connection with ourselves and create healing for spirit, mind, emotion and body.

Love another truly without Judgment. Now turn this love to yourself also.

Dr. Margaret Mitchell

Source by Margaret Mitchell, M.D.