How Accurate Are Love Compatibility Tests?

Is there a 100% accurate true love compatibility test? In all honesty, most love compatibility tests are a waste of time. Even the better ones have a low success rate.

A lot of these on-line tests just take advantage of people – astrology tests in particular, as distraught people discover that because they are a Leo that they should should not be with their Taurus partner – it is just sad and bogus! The simple fact is, it does not matter what the signs or stars say, what is important is that your love each other.

To be fair a number of on-line dating services have refined their love compatibility tests based on the statistics gathered from their hundreds of thousands of customers. In addition, some of the better dating sites base their compatibility tests on the latest love and relationship research from scientific publications. However, the love compatibility tests in “Cosmo” (not scientific literature by the way) or your average magazine in the supermarket aisle is about a good as your average horoscope.

So what does the research say on love compatibility? Psychologists generally agree that there are 12 basic personality trains that are known to be genetically inherited. Your stuck with these for life and they will never change over time. The more you match with your partner on these 12 traits then the higher the likelihood that you will enjoy being with each other forever.

Here are some of the most important of the 12 traits: extroversion, idealism, libido, spontaneity and intellectualism. Take a good hard look at your partner and at yourself. Do you match consistently at a high or low level on all of these? If so,then chances are you have found your true love.

Source by Mimi Sheehan