How to Fix Error Code 7 Properly


“File i386ntkrnlmp.exe could not be loaded. The error code is 7”.

This is an example of the error code 7 error message that could show up to your monitor. And if you have seen error message like this before, you should pay attention and check the condition of your operating system. If corrective steps have not been made to stop the error, it might have further damages to your computer.

In this case, we strongly suggest that you run a quick scan for error code scan for your PC to check and fix the errors.

What Is Error Code 7?

You can probably know the origin of this error from the error message shows up on your computer screen. Exactly, error code 7 indicates a ntkrnlmp.exe related error. This file is considered as a system file. And it is responsible for providing functionalities for the Windows operating system. Ntkrnlmp.exe is located in C:Windowsdriver cachei386. If you have modify the BIOS settings in your computer, you would likely to get this error message when you try to install Windows XP.


Though getting the error code 7 could be very annoying, you can always solve the problem in an easy way. It is not a very complicated error in the Windows operating system. Since not everyone could be a computer expert, the instructions to fixing this error is also very easy to follow. All you have to do is to learn the steps and fix the error manually.

The first thing you need to do is going to the BIOS settings when you start your computer. Then, open the Power Management Setup menu. And find ACPI, select “NO” to “ACPI Aware Operating System”. After that, just type Exit and begin the installation process again.

If you want to disable the ACPI when you have already installed the operating system, you could click on Start, Run. In the open box, type in “sysdm.cpl” and click OK. Then you have to open Computer and double click on “Advanced Configuration and Power Interface PC”. After that, go to the Driver tab, and select “Update Driver”. When you finished the previous process, open the Hardware Update Wizard, click on “No” and click “Next”. Then in the list of specific location (Advanced), click on “Next”, then click on “Finish”. And do not forget to reboot your computer to finish the fixing process.

If the previous paragraphs are not helpful, you could also try placing the Windows XP installation CD in your CD drive, select Install Windows. When this is done, go to the Start menu, click Run and type in the following information and press Enter: “CD-ROM drive letter:setup.exe” (CD-ROM drive letter should be the name of your CD drive). Then click on “New Installation” and click “Next”. And follow the instructions you see.

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Source by Mona Zhou