How to Fix MBR Error in Windows XP

MBR is an abbreviation of Master Boot Record, it is the first part of your hard disk where BIOS looks for an operating system on your PC and if the MBR on your system is corrupted then your system won’t load the operating system. When this problem occurs your system displays a errors like these:

· Error loading operating system

· Missing operating system

· Invalid partition table

If your system is having MBR problem then follow these steps to fix MBR problem

1. Insert Windows XP disc in your CD Drive

2. Restart your Computer

3. Press any key when it prompts “Press any key to boot from CD Rom”

4. Once setup of Windows XP is loaded you will see an option “To repair Windows XP installing using Recovery Console, press R” select it and press Enter

5. When the system enters the Recovery Console and loads up, you have to enter a number that match your Windows installation. This number is usually 1

6. After typing the number press Enter

7. Type Administrative password and press Enter

8. Now type the command fixmbr in the command prompt, this command will replace your old MBR with new MBR and help your system to boot properly.

You can only use this command on a system having one operating system installed. If you have installed multiple operating systems on your computer, this command will create a mess for you.

Sometimes MBR error occurs also due to corrupt Windows registry and it can be fixed by simply repairing registry. You can use some system utility that can clean Windows registry, defrag the registry, clean system junk and optimize the computer services.

Such a software can help you avoid such errors in future.

Source by Shane Z