If I Don’t Make it Back, Tell My Mom I Love Her

I doubt many of you have heard of Antietam Creek. I hadn’t either until visiting the Washington DC area this weekend. Antietam Creek is a tributary of the Potomac River located inn south central Pennsylvania and western Maryland and the site of the most deadly single day battle during the Civil War. Over 23,000 young men died that day. 23,000.

The property is huge and spectacular in beauty. The day I was there, it was raining steadily and the newly arrived spring time greenery in the surrounding forest was a sight to behold. That is what makes visiting Civil War battlefields so very poignant. The fact that these pastoral scenes were the sight of so much bloodshed is heartbreaking.

On one particular site, called the Bloody Lane, 5600 men lost their lives. Some of these ‘men’ were 13 and 14 years old. While meditating in this now peaceful scene, I was acutely aware of these boys. “If I don’t make it, tell my mom I love her.” This comment was written in a small bible found at the scene.

When it comes right down to it…the most precious gift of all is our love for one another. Love is what we all want to leave to our closest family. Love is what transcends all other wishes. Love is YOUR destiny and your legacy. I wonder if you are loved enough. I wonder if you know how lovable you are. I wonder if you believe there is more love for you right now.

Visiting the many bloody battlefields of the Civil War has changed me. I always was passionate about Love and creating experiences so that people can find their own True Love. But now, the mission is magnified. Love IS all around us at all times and yours if you are with your soul mate or not. If you are lonely and aching to be connected to someone who will love you like no other, don’t wait another minute. Take the steps to change your SELF so that you are irresistible to the Love you are seeking.

Source by Catherine Behan