Is Love Sweeter The Second Time Around?

Do you believe that love is sweeter the second time around? Many of you will say yes and no. It depends on how you hold on to love. Love is the most powerful feelings everyone can feel. Some people think that the second time around of a relationship is much fulfilling and richer. The relationship is a love combination of two people. And in every relationship it also faces challenges and difficulties that both partners need to overcome.

There’s no impossible for any relationship. Both partners can fly high in the second time around. The first break up can be a sense of lessons for both of you. The break up that give you both the space and freedom to think each others strengths and weaknesses. The time you need to think what else can you do to make a relationship happy and healthy.

Do not consider the break up like the end of the world. But rather think about the new beginning and a new life to start the right thing. Do not close your door. A second time around of relationship is perfectly much sweeter and much healthy. But of course not all relationship can have a second time around. There could be some few relationship that deserves it.

Giving another chance to make the relationship much sweeter and happy is hard. After all what happened, you need to accept the past experiences. But if you really love your partner and willing to give another try then there is nothing to lose and give up. Just be matured enough and learn from your mistakes.

Source by Sean Matthew