Karma – Love Based or Fear Based?

Karma is a popular concept – in the where it is commonly held to have originated, as well as in the west where it seems to have found place in new age and pop ideology. But really if there ever was a term misinterpreted on a global scale, it is karma. This can’t entirely be attributed to errors of translation across boundaries and culture; back home in the east the mis constructions abound just as they do westwards. To some degree you can blame the passage of time and the simplicity (even naiveté) of human thought, but at its core it is the attribution of fear to a concept that exists outside of subjective human experience that is responsible.

Allow me to elucidate.

Karma at its simplest can be defined as the continuing contract between one moment and another, between one life and another, between one lifetime and another. Working on the base assumption that we must show what we reap, karma reminds us that we must live in balance with our self, our surroundings and all we meet and encounter. For many this contract takes on elaborate interpretations such as being born as an insect for a certain action or deed, or being relegated to the backbench of the soul kingdom for a certain thought.

But in its purest essence, karma is never a threat from the universe or the divine to keep us in tow; there is no room for fear in karma as it is really very matter of fact. If you undertake a choice, action, thought or intention that is out of sync with the universe you create karmic debt which must be undone. Being out of sync isn’t so much a matter of adhering to an external moral code as it is about being in congruent with the inner voice of your own soul and conscience. Therefore even a seemingly good deed can incur karma if undertaken for the completely wrong reasons.

But if you do error, I don’t think the universe has much to benefit out of transforming you into a frog or stone. Sure, I can entertain the idea that this approach may have its purpose and use in certain situations, but since we can never know for sure if this is true and it evokes only fear, I do not feel this is much too productive an idea to cling on to. Instead, the universe is more interested in helping you undo your choices, actions and thoughts and remove those chinks in your soul field. This may occur over the course of a single life, or many lifetimes put together.

Karma thus anchors in love; a love for the entire universe and all that is manifest in it- animate and inanimate. This is a law that keeps the universe in balance; this is a movement that rectify the errors and imperfections at play. Like a mathematical formula, karma is not personal and therefore is not to be feared- it is simply fair, clear and healing.

Source by Ruby Bansal