Love is Love – It Does Not Matter If the Other Person is From Another Culture

Wake up people of the world, we are over six billion in population thus we need to learn how to love one another. In a world of 6.8 billion people the likelihood of you meeting someone from another culture is very high.

It is not surprising to see more and more people from different cultures date and ultimately get married. Look at America, the melting pot of the world with over 309 million people and counting. At some point in the near future, most of the couples will be multicultural.

Besides, what is wrong with a person from Asia marrying a person from America? The only problem I see is that should probably get married sooner. Let us face it, love knows no culture, ethnicity or color.

If God did not want people from different cultures to date and or get married, he would not have created them. Far too many people place too much value on culture, color, ethnicity so much so, that they miss out on the value diversity offers.

I had a friend tell me, “I do not know why someone would marry a person outside their race.” What kind of statement was that? I will tell you what kind of statement it was, it was ignorant. Genetic studies reveal and population and archeology inform us, civilization has been around for eight million years.

People from different cultures have always interacted, had relationships and some have married. If people were involved in cross cultural relationships millions of years ago, why would it be any different today?

The fact of the matter is, relationships today are the same as they were millions of years ago. Humanity has experienced a few upgrades in terms of movement and or traveling to different countries, but for the most part it has not changed that much.

Love is love, no matter what culture another person happens to be from. Love can be elusive, love can be confusing, however when you find the love of your life, I recommend you hold onto it. Love can be fleeting and if you decide not to have a relationship with a person because they are from a different culture, you are going to miss out on something meant for you.

At times our world is filled with hatred, wars and rumors of wars and what keeps everything in perspective is love. When two people from different cultures can become friends and then decide to marry to develop their love even deeper, the world truly becomes a much better place with tolerance and understanding.

Source by Paul Vann