Love is Not Blind

“People say Love is blind because they do not know what love is, I say unto you, only love has eyes; other than love everything is blind” says Osho ( one of the greatest mystics ever happened on earth). I completely agree with him. Love is often said to be blind as people who are in love never worries about the reaction of societies, rather they go on doing the things which they want to do.

But before declaring Love as blind one must know what the word blind in this case means? When you say love is blind indirectly you want to say that lovers are blind and love is the very source of their blindness. We think that love destroys the rational thinking of lovers and make them unable to see the outcome of their actions. And hence we declare that Love is blind.

The Reasons Why we say love is blind?

1. Because humans have a great amount of ego and they consider themselves as the greatest species so they are unable to accept their weaknesses. Instead they go on condemning the thing by which they can be proved small. The fact is that ordinary human beings do not have the conscience by which they can watch love just like they do not have the conscience to admit God.

Love is not something you can imagine through your rational mind, it is something thoroughly from the heart and that’s what creates difficulties.

2. The other view can be that the saying is absolutely correct but the word love here is not meant to be the truest form of love. To make this saying correct Love must represents possession, lust, passion, sex not the true love which means total freedom and which can’t be blind. This love has a completely different meaning and more than love, emotions such as possessiveness and passion has out shadowed the pure love which is freedom, sacrifice, unconsciousness. And to say that this love is blind is absolutely correct.

IS Love really blind?

No the fact is that what can not be seen by ordinary people only lovers can see. There is no need to worry about the society as they do not know that once you are in the ocean of love then you are on the top of the world where it does not matter what is the outcome? Because when you got love there is nothing you fear whatsoever may come. And the feeling of true love is so much satisfying that you do not want anything else then. That’s why Love is not blind and can never be.

Source by Anmol Gupta