Love Or Money

People need love. They also want money. For a poor, unemployed, and depressed family man, it isn’t easy to decide which counts best between the two choices. Love is important; but the wife demands money too.

Dilemma. The one last thing the man could ask his wife, for heaven’s sake, is simply to shut up and listen. And that is, for all human standards, one form of love. Although he has nothing to show his wife, the man clearly understands the value of money. The worst scenario, however, is that the wife understands more clearly the value of both love and money. And probably at the moment she needs money more than love.

There’s this funny story of a couple. Due to a natural and biological cause, the man became extremely lazy. He didn’t want to work. That explains the very fact why he had no money. The wife was a christian. By religious rules and regulations, she had to love her husband until death – a task so herculean that would merit both earthly and heavenly favours. On one sunny, but a little bit windy afternoon, after having seen nothing on the table to eat, she felt a little bit worried. She knew she had to invent something to let her husband go to work. “But how?” she asked herself.

Finally an idea came over her christian head. “I need to talk to my husband immediately,” she mused to herself, “This could only be the solution to the problem,” she added.

So on that sunny afternoon she approached her husband who, at that very moment, was in front of the television watching football. “Dear,” she began. “I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?” the husband replied without turning his head.

“I’ll agree to your proposal to make love three times a day.”

“That’s great!” with a light of a smile, he started to turn his head to where the wife was standing.

“On one condition,though,” she sweetly added.

“Tell me.”

“Get to work so we’ll have something to eat,” she said.

“Alright! That’s fine. Tomorrow I’ll look for a job. You can count on it!”

The wife was very happy. On the other hand, the happiness of her husband was to the fifth degree higher than that of the wife.

The husband knew that the wife’s proposal was the only remedy to his natural laziness.

Sometimes, men are different.

Love or money!

In the final analysis, the two wives referred to above needed both love and money.

Frankly speaking, is love without money possible?

The answer is yes, if not altogether a sincere, resounding no.

Source by Allan Hinautan Amoguis