Relationship Indifference and the Breakup of a Relationship

Relationship indifference is the true sign that a relationship is over. Relationships can go through stormy times: disagreements, friends, financial stresses, family illnesses can all test the fiber of a relationship. When a relationship has survived through tough times, what is keeping it together?

In those situations, love continues even though it may be struggling to be heard. The couple is still interested in each other; there is some part of their lives that keep them focused on a shared life together.

Friends and family may wonder why the couple is still making it against all odds. Outsiders may look on in admiration or with a tinge of envy that these people are successfully keeping it together.

Indifference vs Love/Conflicts in Relationships

A common expression is “love can turn to hate; hate can turn to love”. What does that actually mean?

It certainly doesn’t mean there aren’t people hating you. It also doesn’t mean you could convince such people to love you. Nor does it mean you should waste your time trying.

What it does mean is that conflict can be mixed into the expression of love. Love can be expressed as passion, affection, commitment, appreciation consideration etc.

However, love’s expression becomes confused when frustration, disappointment, fear, or insecurity take over in a relationship. These inherent feelings of conflict can cause a breakup and persist after the breakup. It may take many months for those feelings to diminish in power.

Conflict Can Bind the Two of You Together

(But Life is Too Short)

While these conflicted feelings of love persist, the person cannot be indifferent. Though your ex may have decided to leave you, it doesn’t mean those feelings have left him.

He may loudly and forcefully declare he’s over you. He may even badmouth you to anyone who is interested. As long as the inner conflict remains, he’s not over you. The conflict himself can keep pushing him back. When this happens there is a chance.

When indifference happens, the conflict in the relationship no longer has the power to push him back. Though your ex may be polite and even kind, he just won’t be interested in going back into the relationship. You won’t be able to convince him in any way to go back to you. He will have truly decided that it’s over.

We all want the very best for our life. Romantic relationships are among the most important. No matter how well romantic relationships begin they can go wrong in so many ways.

He may have dumped you. You may have dumped him. No matter what happened in your own personal history, you may still feel it’s not over. And you know, it would be best for both of you to get back together again.

After all the harsh words said, and all the hurtful actions, how do you manage this? How do I communicate with him? When do I do it? What about reconnecting sexually? Dating another guy when I still want to get back with my ex? Not talking to him at all?

All these require clarity. You have to be clear about the best ways to get your relationship back together again. Make a mistake at any stage and you destroy completely your chances to get your ex back.

Source by Leonora M. Easton