Unconditional Love IS Eternal Life – Christ Lives!

Jesus taught us so many wonderful truths, however, many of these teachings are being ignored causing even the very elect to be deceived.

Most Christians have been taught all their lives to ignore certain of Jesus’ teachings. However, every person is responsible for his or her own soul, for his or her own eternal destiny.

We expect that the preacher is supposed to know something. Therefore, we expect that what he is teaching us is true. But we are living in the end times. It is time to be sure. We need to question everything. Is the preacher’s teaching in harmony with the teachings of Jesus? It is good to read the Bible, but we must focus on what Jesus said if we hope to survive these turbulent times. Jesus did not lie! As Creator told me, “Listen to the teachings of My Son. They came from Me!”

And what did Jesus teach that is being ignored? Well, the most obvious thing is that we are to love God the Father, ourselves, and others as ourselves unconditionally without judgment in order to inherit eternal life. Luke 10:25-28, Matthew 7:1.

Everyone’s mission on this earth is to learn love and find their way home to God. This is why we need to learn to love unconditionally. We need to learn to become unconditional love. We need to BE unconditional love. The more unconditional love we have in our hearts, the closer we grow to God.

Now what is eternal life? Think of it this way. Unconditional love in our hearts is the payment required to lease a room in God’s mansion. We must be certain there is enough unconditional love in our hearts to meet that payment. The more unconditional love we have in our hearts, the closer our room will be to the Master’s Suite.

This is spiritual discernment: God is Unconditional Love. God is eternal. God is Life. Unconditional Love is Eternal Life.

Christ is Unconditional Love. Christ lives!

Source by Dorothy K Daigle