Universality of Love

Love” A Small Word … But This Word Has The Power To Rule The World. It’s A Great Feeling To Be In Love. The Most Imp Question “Have You Ever Been In ‘Love’ Before??..” Some Would Say Yes To It And Some No. The Person Who Is In Love Has The Most Beautiful Life To Live. He Is The Most Powerful Person On The Planet.

Journey Of “Love” Is Like The Journey Of Life. If You Don’t Stop Living Your Life Why You Should Stop Loving!! Love Can Be Defined As The Bond Between Two Individual Who Come Close By Gods Wish But Stay Together By Their Wish. It Was Because Of Love That Adam And Eve Came On This Earth. But In Today’s World Love Has Got The Different Meaning. Some Say Love Is A Lust. And Some Say Love Is Life!!

Love Is Like Death, Can Strike Anytime, Anywhere

Love Is Living In The Feeling Rather Then Living Off The Feeling. “Life Is Beautiful“. Life Becomes Beautiful Because Of Love … Today Also Some People Say Love Is The Most Common Thing. One Can Agree Upon This If That Love Is True And Fair On Both The Side. Sky Is The Limit For Love … One Cannot Know The Limit Of The Sky Similarly One Cannot Know The Limit Of Love . Love Is Not Guarded By Any One , Love Is The Wonderful Gift Given By One Individual To Other.

Love Has No Boundaries To Secure, No Walls To Look Upon. It’s A Lovely Feeling, It’s A Walk Through Heaven. One Who Lives For Love And Dies In Love Is The Most Fortunate Person. Love Is The Treasure Of Ones Life. The Person In Love Is The Most Richest Person Because He Has Got The Most Precious Possession Which Even The Richest Person On Planet Has Not Got.

There Are Arguments In Favor Of Love And In Against Of Love .. In Today’s Modern And Dynamic World People Say They Don Have Time To Fall In Love. But They Dont Know That One Doesn’t Fall In Love , Instead They Rise In Love .. With The Support Of Love One Can Win Any Battle Of His Life. Just Ask The Person Who Is In Love That “How Is Life To Him/Her”? The Answer Will Be Life Is Love And Love Is Life For Us.. There Are Some Weak Points In Love But Who The Hell Cares .. Just Keep On Loving … Because Love Is The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth……..

When A Person Whom You Love , Rejects You , Don’t Be Upset Because You Have Lost A Person Who Never Loved You But That Person Has Lost The Person Who Always Loved Her…..What Is Love???? Those Who Don’t Have , Calls It A Responsibility, Those Who Play In Love Calls It A Game , Those Who Don’t Have Calls It A Dream And Those Who Have Calls It A Life…In Life Don’t Love The Person Whose Love For You Changes With Time , But Love The Person Whose Love Remains Same Even When The Time Changes. It Is Said That ” Speak Less To The Person You Love Most Because If They Cant Understand Your Silence They Will Never Understand Your Words “..

Some Say That Falling In Love Is The Secret Ambition And Some Say That Finding Love Is The Greatest Tension .. Its Ordinary To Love A Marvelous , But It Is Marvelous To Love An Ordinary… Anyone Can Love A Rose But It Takes A Great Deal To Love A Leaf.. Learn To Love The People Who Are Willing To Love You At Present , Forget The People In The Past And Thank Them For Hurting You Which Helped You To Love The People You Have Today … Again What Is “Love”??? Its That Time When You Are Willing To Make Yourself Miserable To Make Someone Else Happy !!! This Is Called Love.

There Are Three Simple Ways To Die, First: Take Poison… Second: Jump Into The Well And Third: Cut Your Nerves .. But If You Can’t Do This Much Than The Most Easiest Way To Die Is ” Just Fall In Love “…. The One Who Loves You The Most Sometimes Hurts You The Most , But Don’t Feel Bad Because That Person Is The Only One Person Who Will Feel Your Pain . Its Like That ” If You Are Not In Love You Are Missing Everything In Life And If You Are In Love With Some One And Not Getting That Person You Are Missing Everything In Life. You don’t have to get lucky in love. You can be smart!


At Last, Some Love Quotes From The Well known Authors:

“Three Great Virtues Are Faith, Hope and Love.

But The Greatest Of These Is Love”

“Love Is Not About Finding The Right Person, But Creating The Right Relationship. It’s Not About How Much Love You Have In The Beginning But How Much Love You Build Till The End”

“Love Is A Strong Positive Emotion Of Regard And Affection. It Is The Deepest Of Emotions. Love Is Also The Object Of Warm Affection Or Devotion”

Finally, Love Is What Can Be Felt But Can’t Be Told.. It Can Be Given But Not Sold .. It Comes When You Don’t Need It But Leaves You When You Need It The Most!!! So Always Remember Never Hate A Person Because By Hating Him You Are Loving Him The Most ….

Written by,

Samee Peterson

Suji Peterson

Source by Paresh Kharsan