What’s the Number 17 Reason You Can’t Find Love?

The number 17 reason you can’t find love is well highlighted in my most recent book called, Here’s Why You Can’t Find Love. It’s such a major part of everyone’s life that I had to make a big deal of it in the book.

The number 17 reason you can’t find love is because you are listening to something you cannot turn off. By a certain age, we are all listening to what I call a radio station. It contains conversations that existed before you were born. You hear them as soon as you wake up. They sound like, Mondays suck, thank God it’s Friday, all men cheat, relationships take hard work, life is difficult, etc., etc., etc.

Even though you did not make up those beliefs, they shape your actions and control your life. What’s more interesting is you respond to those conversations on the radio station. When your station tells you someone is not good because they wear a bowtie, for example, you respond in your head about why that is true.

The same radio station tells you what is possible and impossible. And you rarely question it. Then you make friends with people who are listening to a station that is on a similar frequency as yours. They will cosign with the same beliefs, which keeps everyone safely in their comfort zone.

In my book, I go into great detail about how the radio station sabotages opportunities in love, business, friends and family. Because we believe the radio station is an invention of our own thoughts, we rarely question it. That leaves us being stuck with a so-called reality that we never checked, until life completely disrupts us.

Source by Ted Santos